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[자료집 판매] WPAN Technology Outlook for 2007
2006년 12월 5일 개최되었던 'WPAN Technology Outlook for 2007'의 자료집을 판매합니다.

※ 문의: 김서원 대리 (02-3473-6369; 016-776-1976;

◆ 구성: 자료집(CD포함), Park Associates Report CD

◆ 가격: 9만 9천원 (부가세, 배송비 포함)

◆ 목차

Future of Bluetooth Wireless Technology
"Linda Ho, Marketing Director, Bluetooth SIG"

Consumer electronic devices warming up to Wi-Fi
"Victoria Fodale, Senior Analyst,  In-Stat"

Retaw-1 Solution for Pico-cell Convergence
"Seung-Moon Ryu CEO, Casuh Corp

Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) The Enabler for Wireless Networks
"Dr. Johannes Horn, System Engineer,Nanotron Technologyies GmbH"

ZigBee bridges and gateways for building large monitoring and control networks
"SangKil Lee, Korean Manager, Institute of Network Technologies"

"Create new value with ZigBee"
"JungKeun, Bae, Director NURI Telecom Co., Ltd."

Design for UWB devices
"James Kim, SPC engineer, Mathworks"

Introduction of Wireless USB Protocol Analyzer based on UWB
"In-Taek Lim, Manager, MDS Technology"

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