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SEMICOMM switches business model of Display Plus
SEMICOMM closed Display Plus, an EE design online for global readers, on a temporary basis.

Display Plus, which was launched in 2003 as an offline publication for the FPD manufacturing/application markets, expanded its coverage to semiconductors, LED/lighting, ICT and solar/PV.

SEMICOMM has been operating its Silicon Valley office since 2007, helping FPD-related companies make global presence through news coverage, eDMs and conferences. Many European companies headed y CDT, Novaled, DELO and Evonik enjoyed great Asian promotions through Display Plus, which was owned by SEMICOMM covering Korea, Taiwan and China.

Display Plus is to be relaunched as a kind of a newswire or a blog. Its reader base in the hardware EE design solutions is still a great asset of high value. It also welcomes queries for the partnership or acquisition.

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