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A list of recent client changes
SEMICOMM's recent PR/marketing clients include:
- ON Semiconductor (due to the change of its main PR agency networks)
- MOUSER (due to the change of its main PR agency networks)
- Arteris (due to no budget)
- Arasan (due to no budget)
- AVAGO (due to M&A with Broadcomm)
- Inspur (due to in-house PR)
- Eaton (due to no budget)
- TE (due to M&A to Littelfuse)
- Novaled (due to M&A to Samsung)
- CDT (due to M&A to Sumitomo Chemical)
- NextWindow (due to M&A to Smart Technologies)

SEMICOMM's current retaining clients include:
- Molex (connectivity solution provider)
- Orbotech (PCB/display inspection equipment manufacturer)
- Vicor (power chip solution provider)

SEMICOMM's project clients are headed by Microchip and other start-ups.

SEMICOMM welcomes project clients. The three- or six-month warm-up PR programs are available, and branding/corporate imaging PR campaigns can be customized.

For queries, please contact Hordon Kim at

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